Pay Dues

2020 Annual Dues $350

In accordance with the Symphony Hills Homes Association Bylaws Section 2 paragraph (1) – For the purpose of providing a general fund to enable the Association to exercise the powers and maintain the improvements and render the services herein provided for, each Lot within the District, owned by a member upon which a dwelling has been erected and is then or has been at any time theretofore occupied as a residence, shall be subject to an annual general fund assessment which may be levied by the Association from year to year, which assessment shall be paid to the Association annually or at such other times at the Association may determine in advance.

The annual assessment upon each Lot is $350 and is due on January 2 for the upcoming year.  Members attending the annual meeting of members the second Tuesday in January may make their payment at the meeting.

Payments should be sent to:

Symphony Hills
c/o Centennial Mgmt.
PO Box 15142
Shawnee, KS 66285


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