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Architecture Approval and Declaration of Restrictions

Planning some property improvements?

The Symphony Hills Declaration of Restrictions requires approval for certain improvements such as house painting, additions, decks and fences prior to any work being performed. Submission of your project for approval is easy by following the instructions via the request form.

Architectural Control Committee

The Architectural Control Committee (“the ACC”) is composed of the Board of Directors of the Symphony Hills Homes Association or a subcommittee designated by it. The ACC has control over property improvements as required in the Declaration of Restrictions. In general no building, structure, appurtenance or improvement of any type shall be erected, placed or altered on any lot until construction plans and specifications, including a plan showing location on the lot, have been approved by the ACC. The ACC has discretion to approve or disapprove such plans, and considers quality and type of workmanship and materials, harmony of external design and colors with existing structures and landscape, and location with respect to topography and finished grade elevation.

The request form shall be submitted several days in advance of when you need a decision. The ACC works in conjunction with Centennial Management to ensure members are notified of thier decision. The ACC typically reviews improvement requests and provides a decision within 72 hours.

Declaration of Restrictions

At the time our neighborhood was developed, the homeowners, through our Association, agreed to place certain restrictions for the benefit of homeowners, and for its future grantees and assigns. These are know as our  Delcaration of Restrictions (“DOR”) and are available for your review.
Our management company, Centennial Management, regularly performs inspections of our subdivision to identify any violations our DOR. When a violation is identified, it is documented and a notice is sent to the member. Centennial follows up on violations that are unresolved. We are pleased that our members have relatively few violations. The most common violations occur during the summer months, including that lawns shall be kept in good condition. Another common violation is that paint and trim boards are in a damaged condition and need to be repaired or a fence that that is in disrepair. Symphony Hills takes pride in our neighborhood and our members appreciate owners taking responsibility to maintain their property. If you have any further questions please contact Caitlyn Murphy at Centennial Management or 913 648-1500 x124.